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Public Servants and the Constitutionally Implied Freedom of Political Communication   Mr Towell journalist, who writes for the Public Service Informant in the Canberra Times, wrote on 30 May 2016, that the CPSU is claiming that “Public servants are being … Continue reading

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Immigrants – a psychoanalytic perspective

In my recent conversations with colleagues on my preferred social media platform, Twitter, I note a change – or at least, an emerging narrative, on asylum seekers, and by implication, on all persons who have sought to immigrate to this … Continue reading

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Twitter—The heart-beat of our democratic process

    Twitter has changed. From its inception when our now Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull tweeted about eating ice-cream at Double Bay, Twitter has evolved to be a platform for public comment—truly an instrument of the implied freedom of political communication, … Continue reading

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Freedom of Political Communication in a Democracy

I have been wondering, as I have been reading Twitter replies and retweets this evening, whether the difficulty I experienced when attempting to file an “Application for order to show cause” with the accompanying affidavit, my attempt being denied on grounds of … Continue reading

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Australian Public Servants prohibited from criticising government at all times

A notice of appeal in the matter of Banerji v Bowles FCCA 2013 (9 August 2013) was recently filed in the Canberra registry of the Federal Court of Australia. The question for the court is whether the Public Service Act … Continue reading

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