How I’d Love To Have a Wife

How I’d love to have a wife

In these days of toil and strife

As I rush from work to home

Having battled all alone

With sales and books and traffic snarls

There I’d see her warmth and smiles

She’d rub my back

And serve my tea

What a comfort that would be!



“Johnny’s teacher’s very pleased

Now that the bullying boys have ceased

To terrorize the little ones

With rocks and sticks and plastic guns

And Jenny’s sure that now she’s three

It’s at kinder she should be

Now that she’s grown enough to smile

And not to cry away the while

When mother’s at the bank or shops

To write the cheques or buy the chops

for me”.



How I’d love to have a wife

To help me now that I’m alone

Yet –

It cannot be

I dream in vain

Because you see

I’m just a dame!





About lalegale

Legal and psychological advocate for freedom of political communication.
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