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Twitter—The heart-beat of our democratic process

    Twitter has changed. From its inception when our now Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull tweeted about eating ice-cream at Double Bay, Twitter has evolved to be a platform for public comment—truly an instrument of the implied freedom of political communication, … Continue reading

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Our Constitutionally Implied Freedom of Political Communication – More powerful than the right to free speech.

The incident of Scott McIntyre’s sacking from his job as SBS soccer commentator for having criticised the ANZAC rituals around the country and the world has again sparked discussion on “freedom of speech” in Australia. Monday’s Lateline’s program with Emma … Continue reading

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How I’d Love To Have a Wife

How I’d love to have a wife In these days of toil and strife As I rush from work to home Having battled all alone With sales and books and traffic snarls There I’d see her warmth and smiles She’d … Continue reading

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Advocacy – Legal and Psychological

Over the years, I have had what is referred to as a “portfolio career” — that is, I have worked in a number of professional capacities and roles. However, when having worked as a consulting psychoanalyst, I embarked upon legal … Continue reading

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Easter Saturday: The Wilderness Experience and Depression

Today is Easter Saturday, the day after the Crucifixion and the day before the Resurrection. It is a day of wilderness. In my psychoanalytic practice I liken depression to such a wilderness experience – a state of stasis, un-sured-ness, inability … Continue reading

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